Container and Portables Towing

Safe, Secure and Short-Notice Shipping Container and Portable Building Transport

Our transport team can handle more than just moving shipping containers. NRC Group’s tilt tray tow trucks can handle anything from side sheds and demountable buildings to mini-homes.
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Get your containers and portables where you need them

Portable buildings allow worksites to remain agile, letting businesses move their operational offices wherever they’re needed, quickly and efficiently. As it happens, repurposed shipping containers make excellent portable buildings, storage containers and security units. If the point of these structures is efficiency and flexibility, then we think their transportation should be too. 

NRC Group offers fast and reliable portable building and container relocation services. Our experienced drivers command a fleet of technologically advanced tow trucks that guarantee your container arrives intact and on time. And we don’t compromise on safety to get there. All transport services are carried out with the strictest adherence to all industry safe practices. 

Our portable building and shipping container transport service can be on site with just 24 hours' notice. Our container and portables towing services include:

  • Containers
  • Site units
  • Portable kitchens
  • Site offices
  • Lunchrooms
  • Portable toilets
  • Portable cabins
  • Mini homes
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The NRC Group Difference

Customer service

Our friendly, professional team makes it easy for you to move your goods.

Fast and efficient

We'll ensure your container arrives on time, and we can typically complete a job with just 24 hours lead time.

Safe and professional

Our team operates to the highest safety standards at all times, so your container will arrive undamaged.

Huge towing capacity

We have an outstanding towing capacity, and we can move containers and portables up to 10 tonnes.



12 Endeavour Way, Alfredton VIC 3350
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2b Argyle Street Mullumbimby, NSW 2482
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Trust NRC Group to Transport Your Entire Shipment Safely and on Time

What accident towing fees should I expect?

Towing costs following an accident depend on the kind of vehicle that needs to be towed and how far you need it taken. Expect it to cost between $150 and $350, keeping in mind every situation will differ slightly.

If you've been in an accident, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of towing. That's why most towing companies will offer a price calculator to help you get a bit more certainty.

What happens when my car is towed after an accident?

Wondering where your vehicle will be towed after an accident? A vehicle damaged in an accident needs to be relocated so that it doesn’t risk the health and safety of other drivers. 

When a tow truck driver arrives at the location of your accident, they will move your vehicle to a place of your choosing, typically a smash repairer or to a holding yard. However, the choice is up to you. 

Portable and Container Transport Solutions for All Businesses

If your business needs reliable towing and transport solutions for containers and portables, the team at NRC Group has you covered. We work with companies in various industries to transport and deliver all types of equipment and goods. We can ensure your containers and portables arrive on time precisely where they’re needed. 

  • Expert towing and transport solutions for businesses
  • Fast and efficient towing that's completed on time
  • Trusted by government departments for towing services
  • Competitive rates
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your capacity for container and portables towing?

We have towing capacity up to 10 tonnes for containers and portables.

How far can you provide container and portables towing?

We have depots in Ballarat and Northern NSW and can provide containers and portables towing for almost any distance. While we are based in regional areas, we happily operate in major metro areas. Whether you need transport services in Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere else, we’ll be there. Get in touch with our team for a quote on your job.

What size portable buildings can be transported in Victoria?

In Victoria, vehicles transporting indivisible portable buildings are subject to laden vehicle dimension and rear overhang limits. These limits are set to maximise the safety of the public and the security of the building itself. They include the dimensions of the main building structure and any external fittings.

The Victorian transportable building limits are:

  • 5.0 metres in width
  • 5.0 metres in height
  • 30.0 metres in length
  • 1.2 metres in trailer deck height.

For more information on state transportable building regulations or to find building and container transport solutions that suit your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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