Flawless and Fast Car Bumper Repairs

Trust Our Smash Repair Experts to Restore Your Metal and Plastic Bumpers

NRC Group uses tried and tested repair procedures to restore your bumpers. With our guarantee to only ever use high-quality genuine parts, we’ll have your bumpers looking as good as new.
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Flawless and Fast Car Bumper Repairs

Premium Car Bumper Repairs

It should come as no surprise that fixing a damaged bumper is one of our most commonly requested services. After all, that’s what they’re for: to absorb the immediate impact of an accident. Not necessarily major ones, either. Bumpers are often the first point of contact when you accidentally back into a pole or graze another vehicle while parallel parking. 

NRC Group offers the quick and reliable bumper repairs Melbourne vehicles need to get back on the road. So when you leave your car at our garages, you can expect:

  • Cutting edge and traditional dent repair solutions
  • Bumper repairs with genuine parts
  • An affordable price and reasonable completion time
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Repairing your damaged bumper is the safe thing to do

Have you ever heard someone dismiss damage for being ‘just a scratch’? We hear it all the time. We understand it — repairing minor damage to your car bumper or elsewhere is a headache. It eats up time and money, and it doesn’t seem worth it to give up your car for who knows how long.

Our professional advice: there’s no such thing as a minor scratches. Not for the general public, anyway. If you’ve been in an accident, even a minor fender bender, you likely do not have the experience and mechanical knowledge to diagnose the level of damage you’ve actually sustained. 

Even minor damage to your bumper can worsen over time. For example, if your bumper were to crack and break off, it could cause severe damage to your own vehicle and other vehicles on the road. At any level of damage, police can (and likely will) issue you with a fine.

For your safety and those around you, take every dent, scratch and crack seriously

Our Smash Repair and Towing Services

  • Dent repairs for front and rear bumpers
  • Repainting and paint protection for bumpers
  • Car detailing
  • Panel beating
  • Accident towing
  • Breakdown towing
  • Free courtesy cars

What You Need To Know: Repairing Front and Back Bumpers

Our experienced mechanics have the skills, space and specialised technology to deal with all manner of smash repairs and damage. So whether it’s a metal bumper with a paint scrape or a shattered plastic bumper, bring it into NRC Group’s car bumper repair shop, and we’ll have it looking good as new in no time.

Bumper Repair Cost

Three key factors determine the cost of having your bumper repaired.

  1. The Bumper Material
    Car bumpers are generally made of plastic, although metal impact guards are sometimes installed. The plastic bumper repair cost is naturally much more affordable.
  2. The Make and Model of the Car
    The design and quality of bumpers vary by manufacturer and may require more nuanced bumper dent repair solutions.
  3. The Type of Damage
    We account for the severity of the damage. A thoroughly cracked bumper repair will likely cost more than a light bumper scratch repair job.

We will offer bumper repair solutions based on these factors, including paintless dent repair or hole and crack patching.

Bumper Repair Cost

Is Bumper Repair Necessary?

Repairing your bumper is absolutely necessary if the damage is significant enough to cause it (or parts of it) to fall off. At that point, you bumper is a hazard to other cars on the road. If you’re caught with such a heavily damaged bumper, you can face significant fines.

Some people feel confident enough to repair their bumpers at home. Either they feel they have the experience to do so, or are willing to learn how to DIY an effective repair. 

If you would like to repair your car bumper yourself, be realistic about the quality you can achieve. Your repairs may affect your car’s resale value. If the damage is significant, you may be able to repair the bumper without fully comprehending or addressing the deeper damage. That may cause issues later on, and may affect your insurance assessments in the future.

Is Bumper Repair Necessary?

Bumper Damage We Repair

We can repair the bumper as long as the damage is not severe enough to degrade the bumper or car’s structural integrity.

Our panel beaters can certainly repair minor bumper scratches and dents. Our paintless dent removal service can repair quite significant dents, too, as long as the bumper hasn’t been cracked open.

There are grey areas, however. An accident may leave your bumper riddled with several scratches and dents. While we may be able to repair them, it may be cheaper or quicker to install a new bumper entirely. If that is the case, we will quote you for both procedures, so that you can decide the best course of action.

Bumper Damage We Repair

Bumper repair process

Transparency is vital to our business. By being open and honest about the bumper repair process, you can make informed choices and remain totally satisfied. 

Every job is unique, but this should give you a fair idea of how we conduct front and rear bumper repairs.

  1. We assess the level of damage to the bumper, taking careful note of any damage to the surrounding elements.
  2. We draw up a plan with the necessary repair processes or replacement parts and all relevant costs. This cost estimate is provided to you and your insurer. Your policy may stipulate whether we can use OEM or aftermarket replacement parts.
  3. Our work begins. We utilise our years of experience and specialised tools to repair your metal or plastic bumper. Then, we will colour match the paint for a seamless finish.
  4. A thorough inspection is conducted to ensure that the bumper meets our own high standards. If it does, we return it to your care.
Bumper repair process

The NRC Group Difference

Quality Repairs

We’ll return your vehicle in pristine pre-crash condition.

Free Courtesy Car

To keep your life on track, you’re welcome to pick up a late model courtesy car while we work on yours.

Easy Insurance

We work with any and all insurers and are happy to submit your claims on your behalf.

Customer Service

Giving up your car is stressful enough. Our friendly team will make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Our Work Speaks For itself

For us, there’s no better feeling than the satisfaction of a flawless repair. Have a look at what we can do.

Need a Courtesy Car? We’ll Have it Waiting For You.

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Our Bumper Repair Process


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Call us as soon as you notice any bumper damage, and we’ll tell you the next steps.


Process the insurance

We can contact your insurance provider for you. Then, with the claim processed, work begins.


Bumper repairs begin

We’ll repair what we can and replace what we must with genuine parts and quality paints.


Keys in your hands

With your final approval, we’ll return your roadworthy vehicle.



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We Work With All Major Insurance Companies

At your request, our friendly team would be happy to organise your insurance claim for bumper repairs. Once the process is complete, we’ll be able to begin our repairs. So simply give us your insurance details or those of the other driver, and leave it to us.

  • We’ll take the entire claims process on your behalf
  • We can liaise with your insurer, or the other driver’s
  • We can work with all Australian insurance companies
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We’ll tow your car back to our workshop

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Frequently Asked Questions

I was at fault. Can I still claim the insurance on smash repairs?

Possibly. This depends on how comprehensive your car’s insurance policy is.

If you are unsure what your policy covers, it’s worth calling up your insurer and asking. Being aware of just what you’re covered for provides a certain peace of mind — it’s one less thing to worry about in the aftermath of an accident or breakdown.

Another driver was at fault. Will you work with their insurer?

Yes. All we need are their insurer’s details, so it is important to get that information in the event of an accident. 

You can rest assured that whether they’re covered by a major name or a specialist provider, we will liaise with them on your behalf (at your request, of course).

Will you repaint my car as well?

Absolutely. Our car bumper repair service is dedicated to returning your vehicle in as perfect a condition as we can manage. 

If we need to repaint your metal or plastic bumper, we will colour match it and order precisely the right paint. When we’re through, you won’t be able to tell anything was wrong in the first place.

Do car smash repairs come with a warranty?

Yes, we provide lifetime warranties for our work. We have absolute confidence in the abilities of our mechanics and panel beaters. In the rare instance that something isn’t live up to our standards, we’ll be happy for the opportunity to set it right.

How long does it take to repair a damaged car bumper?

Your bumper repair time depends on how long it takes to order and receive the necessary genuine parts from the original manufacturer. Depending on the nature of the damage, structural elements behind the bumper may need new parts. These can take time to order, especially if we’re repairing European or luxury cars.

The response time of your insurer is another major factor. They may need time to conduct their own assessments, which will affect when our work can begin.

Assuming all other parties work efficiently, we may be able to repair your car bumper within 2-3 days. However, more severe damage may require longer to repair.

We will give you a time estimate at the beginning of our process and endeavour to meet it or cut it down as much as possible.

In the meantime, we would be happy to offer you a free courtesy car to mitigate the inconvenience of being without a vehicle.

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